Adrienne Bailon Responds To A Fan’s Criticism About Not Having A Baby With Her Husband

Adrienne Bailon shared that she and her husband, gospel singer Israel Houghton, celebrated their five-year wedding anniversary. In doing so, the couple watched their wedding video for the first time. 

As Bailon shared clips of the beautiful wedding on her Instagram page, a fan was quick to criticize the singer/actress for being married for five years and not having a baby with her husband. 

Under the video, the comment read, “5 years and no baby? This definitely sounds like a crisis.” The Real co-hostess would simply respond, “Nope! Me happy with the man I chose with or without a baby is a beautiful thing lol. You commenting this sounds like you are in crisis. Bendito.” 

Bailon’s co-host, Loni Love would defend her decision on her Instagram page and responded, “I want to give a sincere show of love and support to @adriennebailon… the rudeness that she has to endure is so stupid, insensitive, and unnecessary. Some fold believes that people on tv have no feelings. Please stop. This was a post to celebrate her love nothing else… I’m only posting because she replied but I just wat us to send her positive vibes and know that happened in God’s time.” 

See Love’s post below

You can also watch Adrienne Bailon’s anniversary video below.