Akon Plans To Sue Suge Knight For Defamation

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Akon is ready to take Suge Knight to court, who is currently in jail. 

Earlier this week, we reported that Knight had accused Akon and his producer Detail of raping two minors. The “Locked Up” singer quickly denied those claims and then went on social media to address the allegations. 

“The world knows a lie when they hear it,” he tweeted. In a new statement Akon said, “I need to make it very clear that I absolutely deny these outrageous false and disgusting claims Suge Knight made on his podcast about me. I’ve never called, received, or had any contact with Suge Knight since he has been incarcerated.” 

He went on to share his shock about finding out that the Death Row Records founder obtained audio of his voice for this podcast “Collect Calls with Suge Knight”. “My voice you heard on his podcast was a soundbite previously recorded from an interview I did with DJ Vlad 3 years ago regarding Suge Knight in 2009.” The singer continued, “I’ve never been a guest on Suge Knight’s podcast. I always believe in building positivity into the world and my actions and legacy have spoken to that.” 

Akon ended with, “It’s unfortunate that I have to defend myself from these lies and I will be involving my legal team in filing a defamation lawsuit against Mr. Knight, my prayers for him will still continue.”