Al B. Sure! Insinuates That Diddy Allegedly Had Involvement In His 2022 Coma

Singer Al B. Sure attends the 2016 Trumpet Awards on January 23, 2016 in Atlanta, Georgia. (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)
Singer Al B. Sure (Photo by Marcus Ingram/Getty Images)

The tumultuous events surrounding Diddy’s life have taken yet another turn with Al B. Sure! shedding light on a mysterious chapter from 2022. In a speech at the Equal Justice Now Awards in Los Angeles, he hinted at Diddy’s alleged involvement in the events leading to his coma.

“We’re going to be producing the Al B. Sure! life story,” Sure!, whose real name is Albert Joseph Brown III, revealed to the audience, as captured in a clip obtained by TMZ. “So hold on to your britches, and you’ll really understand how I ended up in a coma.”

The cryptic statement took a curious turn when Sure! added, “You’re really gonna need to call Homeland Security.” This reference to the federal agency raised eyebrows. Especially in light of recent raids on Diddy’s residences in Miami and Los Angeles by Homeland Security as part of a sex trafficking investigation.

History of Al B. Sure’s Coma

Sure’s health ordeal began in July 2022 when he was hospitalized and slipped into a coma for over two months. Upon awakening in October 2022, he disclosed being “intubated [and] on a ventilator with a tracheotomy” and expressed gratitude for receiving a life-saving liver transplant.

The connection to Diddy deepened when Sure! addressed his and Kim Porter’s son, Quincy, whom Diddy raised. Expressing relief that Quincy was not present during the recent turmoil involving Diddy, Sure! remained tight-lipped about specifics, stating, “The entire situation is unfortunate. I don’t speak about another man’s business.”

Sure! has been vocal about his intentions to share his life story, hinting that it might shed light on the circumstances surrounding his coma. However, the timeline for the release of his documentary remains uncertain.

Meanwhile, Diddy has faced a barrage of legal troubles, beginning with Cassie’s lawsuit accusing him of rape and sex trafficking in November 2023. Despite settling the case out of court, more allegations of sexual assault have surfaced against the music mogul.

The recent raids on Diddy’s properties have intensified public scrutiny, prompting Sure! to publicly appeal to Quincy to “come home.” Amidst the legal maelstrom surrounding Diddy, Sure!’s revelation adds another layer of intrigue to the ongoing saga.