Al Roker Returns To The ‘Today’ Show After Long Hospital Stay

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After being in the hospital for quite some time, Al Roker has officially made his return to the Today Show. 

We reported that Roker was hospitalized due to blood clots in his leg and lungs which kept him out of the studio for two months. Anchor Savannah Guthrie announced at the beginning of the show, “The countdown is over. After nearly two months away, Al is ready to rejoin us here in Studio 1A and we cannot wait to throw our around our arms ray of sunshine.” 

She continued, “It is a really special day…and I’m sorry because the tears are already flowing because Al Roker is back!” He would walk out and hug Hoda Kotb and Guthrie and she told Roker, “To say we have missed you doesn’t even begin to describe it. It is nothing without you here.” 

Kotb added, “The crew is weepy. The crew outside, they’ve been waiting for you. They’ve been bummed every day we walk out there like, ‘Where is Al?’” The 68-year-old Roker responded with, “I have missed you guys so very much. You are my second family and it’s just great to be back and wearing pants! It’s so much fun.” 

He continued, “My heart is just bursting. I’m just so thrilled to see all of you and the crew. Right now I’m running on adrenaline.” 

Al Roker has been on the “Today” show since 1996 as the show’s weather anchor.