Rev. Al Sharpton Says Takeoff’s Death Is Not Hip Hop’s Fault

TMZ caught up with Reverend Al Sharpton recently as he was entering a vehicle on 50th street.

The staff member asked, “What do you think is the solution?”, regarding Takeoff’s recent homicide and the other rappers who have been murdered from gun violence.

“I remember growing up R&B artists used to get into shootouts and fights. This is nothing new. Social media makes it where more people know about it”, he shares.

He adds, “you have a lot of people in hip hop that are very responsible, very creative that help their community, so we should not act like Hip Hop is synonymous with violence. Those that are violent, we ought to deal with, but a thug is a thug whether they are singing  jazz, R&B or gospel. I know some preachers who are packing, so let’s not just make it about hip hop.”

“Don’t stigmatize a whole genre of music, but let’s deal with our community.”