Alabama High School Students Post Photo Standing Over Black Boy, Captioned: ‘We Got Us One’ [PHOTO]

Photo Credit: Twitter/Screenshot

Six high school students in Moody, A.L. are in hot water after posting a photo of themselves standing over a Black student with the caption, “We got us one.”

The six white students claim they took the photo in recognition of Moody High School’s “‘spirit activity,’ where students had to dress in ways that represented different destinations throughout the country,” the school’s principal, Christopher Walters, told Teen Vogue.

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***Swipe*** This is from Moody High School in Moody Alabama. Every Friday during football season the students dress up, I guess as a spirit thing to excite the students. This past Friday was “Redneck Day.” Why you’d have a redneck day in 2018, is beyond me, but I’ll let that go for now. This photo is circulating with the students. One of those students (who shall remain nameless) happens to be a follower of mine and sent this to me. I sent it to the main office at the school, to the PTO and I’ve tagged several local news stations in Alabama. If you swipe through, you’ll see parents defending their kids who are in this photo, which I find disgusting. “This photo will follow them around forever!” “It was the black kid’s idea!” “My son is not a racist!” Ummm, I hate to break it to you cupcake, but everything about this photo is racist. And I don’t care if “the black kid” suggested it, why would anyone agree to stand with their foot on another human, with that kind of caption?!? Even in Alabama, which has a reputation for such things, as does my home state, this isn’t okay. The not racist thing to do is to stop defending your own offspring and concern yourself with what this type of behavior does to the other students of color who see it, or to their younger siblings and parents. I think they certainly deserve better than this.,Any school should drop the hammer on things like this AND redneck day! It’s 2018! Your vice principal is a black woman! Do the right thing and let this be a learning experience for these kids AND their parents! This should not be tolerated in and form, in ANY state! I’m in Tennessee and I see many trashy racist things but if this happened at my kids schools, I would be all up in their business until this was handled. Every kid in that photo should, at the very least, be suspended. It’s a learning experience @moodyhighschool Don’t pass it up. You have a responsibility here. The rest of your students and their parents are waiting….. @moodyspanishclub @moodydevilsden @mhs.seniorcouncil2019 @moodyfca @mhsmajos @moodyhscheer

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An Instagram user that uses the handle @agirlhasnopresident reported the photo to the school’s administration after acquiring it from a one of its students. According to a Twitter user named @cassidylew7, the so-called spirit day is referred to as “redneck day.”

A parent of one of the students named Carrie Wilkinson responded @agirlhasnopresident’s post by sliding in the comments and defending her “not a racist” son.

“My son isn’t a racist and neither are these boys in this picture,” Wilkinson wrote.

“I’m pissed at my son and his poor choice. People are human they make mistakes. Like you’ve never done anything wrong in your life.”

Another IG user joined the conversation and tried to set Wilkinson straight.

“The post speaks for itself? Nothing was taken out of context your son intended for people to take it as they put it. If that’s how you raised him to “joke” like that then…”

Wilkinson responded once again, saying, “My son didn’t intend for it to be anything but fun and games. It wasn’t even his idea It was their black friend nick’s idea…”

The conversation went on from there as another user jumped in to say, “So this photo will follow these idiots for the rest of their lives. Try to get a scholarship, a decent job…this photo is following these idiots forever. If the black kid suggested it why in the heck did the fools agree to take the photo?”

The white students are being held accountable, but many people want to know why the Black student ever agreed to engage?