AMC Theaters Admits To Sabotaging Beyoncé’s ‘Renaissance’ Concert Film And Not Taylor Swift’s

AMC Theaters admits to messing up Beyonce’s Renaissance film announcement.

Adam Aron, the CEO of AMC Theatres, has shockingly admitted to leaking sensitive information about Beyoncé’s Renaissance concert film while actively keeping Taylor Swift’s concert film a secret.

“We couldn’t blow Taylor’s secret, and those theater chains who groused to you? They grossed $100 million in ticket sales,” Adam Aron, who serves as the CEO of AMC Theaters, said in an interview with Variety published on May 23. “It’s not like they sold diddly.”

“At least half a dozen movie circuits leaked the news,” Aron said. “Beyoncé was seriously thinking about not doing the movie at all because the secret was blown. So, they didn’t keep their word.”

A few Hollywood studios and theater owners were reportedly not happy that AMC was the only chain to know about the existence of both Taylor Swift and Beyonce’s films in advance, allowing them to put tickets on sale first.

After some “bruised feelings” from studios and other theater owners, Variety reported that AMC gave its competition a super-secret heads-up about Beyoncé’s film before tickets went on sale.

The company’s decision to seemingly share the news of Beyoncé’s concert film with its competitors while keeping Swift’s movie top secret is sparking outrage from the BeyHive.

One fan brought up how black women will never be shielded from racism no matter their status.

“Beyoncé should NEVER conduct business with AMC Theatres again. The CEO of @AMCTheatres deliberately leaked information to their competition about the RENAISSANCE Film before tickets went on sale because of hurt feelings,” one fan wrote via X on May 23. “He did NOT respect Beyoncé enough to hold up his side of the business agreement and instead decided to run his mouth.”

Aron called the leak a primary source of frustration between the AMC team and Beyoncé since they jeopardized the successful release of Beyoncé’s film. Swift’s Eras concert film grossed a lot of profit with significant ticket sales, further showing the secretive approach’s importance.