American Airlines Issues Apology To Man Accused of Trafficking Children

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After accusing a man of trafficking his biracial children, American Airlines has issued an apology to the accused.

Back in September, musician, David Ryan Harris took to Instagram to share the treatment he endured from the airline staff. Harris says his 7-year-old son was approached by a flight attendant who attempted to communicate with him, and when the boy failed to respond, the airline employee made a report. He was then questioned by police at Los Angeles International airport.

“A flight attendant had called ahead with some sort of concern that perhaps my mixed children weren’t my children because they were unresponsive during an interaction with her,” he explained to his followers.

He shared the apology that the airline sent to him but was not satisfied.

“I don’t care what you say if this had been a white dad/mom with 2 little Black kids, they would probably been offered an upgrade, not an interrogation,” he said in one of two posts about the incident.

“And if they’re so concerned about child trafficking, shouldn’t the airlines have some protocol in place to stop me from flying with a child I stole long before I’m ON THE PLANE?? You’re telling me that they can stop me from carrying a capri sun through TSA, but they can’t put safeguards in place for actual human beings?”