An Alabama Attorney Calls For Carlee Russell To Be Thrown In Jail For Lying

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An investigation is underway to put the puzzle pieces of Carlee Russell’s story together.

Russell, 25, went missing for 49 hours after reporting she say a baby on the side of the highway in Birmingham, Alabama. She thankfully returned to her parent’s house. Russell told authorizes she was kidnapped during, but law enforcement noticed a few red flags. 

The secret service reveal’s searches on her phone hours before she reported a toddler was missing and then “disappeared.” This is what she searched:

  • “you have to pay for an amber alert or search”
  • “how to take money from a register without being caught”
  • “Birmingham bus station”
  • “one-way bus ticket from Birmingham to Nashville”
  • (the movie) “taken”
  • information about Amber alerts on her work computer
  • Other searches that police say reveal her mindset that won’t be released

In the latest report, a Birmingham attorney believes Russell should serve jail time. Take a look: 

There have been questions about Russell’s whereabouts between the time she disappeared. Rumors on social media suggest the situation is a hoax or an elite trafficking scheme gone wrong. There’s also chatter that Russell was fired from her job but they spoke out. 

According to a local ABC station, Russell’s employer, The Woodhouse Spa Birmingham, addressed conspiracies about the case. They couldn’t go into specific details, but said some of the “stories” people are saying on social media are true. The owner of the spa, Stuart Rome said:

“We understand there are many posts on social media claiming certain information to be true. Some items are factual while others are not. Please rest assured that the Hoover Police Department is working around the clock to bring this case to [a] conclusion. We have great confidence in the investigators and expect a resolution soon.”

We’ll keep you updated as more details become available.