An Officer Has Been Fired For The Killing Of Breonna Taylor

One of the three cops involved in Breonna Taylor’s killing has been fired, the Lousiville Mayor announced on Friday.

Brett Hankison has been fired, yet the Kentucky Attorney General is still deciding whether or not to bring charges.  The other two cops involved, Jonathan Mattingly and Myles Cosgrave have not been fired, according to reports.

The Mayor hasn’t let the people know why Hankison had been fired over the other two. “Unfortunately, due to a provision in state law that I would very much like to see changed, both the chief and I are precluded from talking about what brought us to this moment or even the timing of this decision,’” he said at a Friday press conference.

Back on March 13, Louisville police were executing a search warrant to enter then 26-year-old, Breonna Taylor’s home, however, the police were searching in the wrong home. Under the circumstances of the investigation, the judge permitted the police to enter “without identifying themselves.” When they entered Breonna’s home, her boyfriend thought an intruder was breaking in, and fired the first shot which caused police to shoot several shots, killing Breonna. The police had the wrong home, tragically killing Breonna unjustly. 

The brutual killing of Breonna sparked a national outrage, and protest all over the world have erupt in hopes of getting justice for Breonna.