André 3000 Bonds With Sexyy Red Over Having Haters

andré 3000
PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA – JUNE 02: Andre 3000 performs New Blue Sun during the 2024 Roots Picnic at The Mann on June 02, 2024 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. (Photo by Taylor Hill/Getty Images for Live Nation Urban)

In a recent episode of Uninterrupted’s The Shop, rappers André 3000 and Sexyy Red found common ground over handling haters. The clip, shared on The Shop’s Instagram, showcased the two artists sharing their experiences and advice.

Sexyy Red expressed her frustration, saying, “They still don’t believe in me, so I just be like, ‘I’ma show you who I am.’” She highlighted the struggle of coming from nothing and achieving success, only to face doubt. “They don’t understand like we really came from nothin’ and then we be makin’ big achievements.”

André 3000, known for his wisdom, stepped in with supportive words. “Fuel. Use it for fuel. Hater fuel, man, it’s the best shit. It’s free energy,” he advised. Sexyy Red agreed, adding, “I like it when they talk about me, I ain’t gonna lie.” André echoed her sentiment, “That shit free energy, that make me go, that make me go in. I love when somebody doubts you.”

André 3000 and Sexyy Red’s Shared Struggle

The exchange between the two rappers resonated with many fans. One fan took André 3000’s “hater fuel” quote as a challenge, humorously telling him to “stick to that lil’ flute,” sparking a thread of replies questioning his ability to handle different beats.

In the same episode, André 3000 shared an anecdote about Pimp C’s reaction to his beat choice on the classic song “Int’l Players Anthem.” This story added a nostalgic touch to the conversation, showcasing André’s deep roots in the music industry.

The episode, featuring fashion designer Jerry Lorenzo, BMX athlete Nigel Sylvester, and comedian-actress Jiaoying Summers, aired on July 11. The diverse guest list brought a variety of perspectives to the discussion, making it a memorable episode.

Overcoming Criticism

Both André 3000 and Sexyy Red have faced significant criticism in their careers. André 3000 received backlash for releasing an instrumental solo album centered around the flute, deviating from his rap roots. Sexyy Red, on the other hand, has been controversial for her provocative music and political opinions.

Despite the criticism, both artists continue to thrive. Sexyy Red, in a podcast appearance, even endorsed former president Donald Trump, citing his actions benefiting her community. Later, she declared her independence from endorsing any political candidate.