André 3000 Explains Why He Chose To Not Be A Part Of Any Hip-Hop 50 Tributes

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As Hip-Hop’s 50th anniversary year is coming to a close, many artists and fans are looking back on the tributes of the year. André 3000’s presence, however, was missing throughout the year and according to him, it was intentional.

In a conversation with CBS Mornings‘ host, Gayle King, he explained his disposition on participating in any tributes.

“I wouldn’t want to be — I’m doing it just because I’m trying to meet an expectation,” he explained. “I didn’t get into OutKast for that, you know.”

Elsewhere in the interview, André 3000 touched on his latest album, New Blue Sun, and the disappointment many fans had because of the lack of rap on the project. He explained to the host that he wouldn’t mind creating a rap album again but it would need to be under the right circumstances.

“When people ask me about a rap album, ‘Man, I would love a rap album,’ I’m with you,” he began to explain. “But it’s like, I want to be with you when I’m really on it… I don’t sit and try to rap every day like when I was younger, and that’s all I did when I was younger. I miss those times a lot, but it’s like life changes. Life moves on.”