Andre 3000 Shares The Advice Prince Shared With Him After A Bad Performance

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Andre 3000 opens up about the time Prince gave him some advice after a bad OutKast performance. 

During a recent interview the rapper reminisced about his 2014 Coachella performance where he headlined as part of OutKast. “I ain’t been on stage in damn near 15, 20 years! So it was odd for me.” He continued, “And right before the show, you see Paul McCartney walk and go to the left side of the stage. And then Prince walks to the right of the stage. I’m like, ‘Ahhh! What the f***, man?!’”

Andre added that the new technology was a factor during the set. “You know, there’s new technology like earbuds and s***. I’d never used earbuds in my life. We were always just in front of the monitors or listening to the speakers, so if you were watching the Coachella show, I got people in my ear talking and s***. It’s like, ‘What the hell is going on?!’”

The “Hey Ya” rapper went on to say, “Halfway through the show, I was already checked out, so I was just trying to get through it. Yeah, the show happens and it was a bomb night. It was horrible in my eyes.”

Andre recalls receiving a special phone call from Prince a day after the performance. “The very next morning I get a call from Prince. I don’t know him like that, I don’t know he got my number- I do not know,” he said. “And the first thing he says is, ‘You know what your problem is? You don’t realize how big y’all are.’ Then he was like, ‘You gotta remind people who you are.’ And from that point on, I was like, ‘Okay.’”

It was recently reported that Andre 3000 released his first instrumental solo album, “New Blue Sun.”