Angela Bassett Reacts To The Death of ‘9-1-1’ Crew Member

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The cast of the hit show “9-1-1” is currently mourning the death of their own, Rico Priem. 

Angela Bassett, the show’s star, spoke on the passing of Priem. “The studio, 9-1-1, we all extend our deepest condolences to his friends to his family,” she said. “It was just a very, very sad moment. We’re all rocked by it, certainly.” 

On the show, Bassett who plays Athena Grant, revealed this is the first time the cast and crew had to deal with the death of one of their own. “We have births, you know, we have weddings, and now to experience this,” she said. 

She added, We just had to take a moment, just take time and take a moment. We thought it was important to come together and have whatever bit of service and offer whatever we can do to his family because we know that we’ll miss him but we know they will miss him even more.” 

It was reported that Priem died in a car accident as he was driving home from a 14-hour overnight shift on the show. Aisha Hinds, who plays Henrietta “Hen” Wilson on the show, shared an emotional post on her social media. 

“Words….ever insufficient…none able to carry the harrowing heartbreak reverberating through our 9-1-1 family,” Hinds wrote. “As the industry processes the passing of one of our invaluable and invested individuals—notably loyal, thus lauded and loved for his commitment to his craft and sharing the wisdom he’d gleaned from decades of working in this industry, hearts are heavy navigating feelings of grief and gratitude for the life of Rico Priem.”

She continued, “The unsung heroes of our show, any show really, are the scores of crew members whose names seldom move from the back of call sheets to household names though they contribute an immense amount of time, talent, and tenacity to servicing the stories that fill our screens-small and large.” she continued. “Time that seems invisible to the untrained eye, but it is NOT. Our crews are the cornerstone of our community. Their individual effort and areas of expertise create a cumulative effect, ensuring the work we do, the characters we portray lands in the lives of audiences around the world. The crew is integral to the execution of every idea that begins in the minds of creatives becoming long-lasting memories and moments that live on in the hearts of humanity.”

Hinds added, “Rico graced us with his presence and passion. Before he passed away in the early morning hours on Saturday, May 11th. It is the hope and the unspoken assumption that when we wrap a days work, we will see each other again to do it all over again the next day. His passing has stilled our hearts and signaled for more conversation and care in that area. In this moment, I want to express deep love for our crew, and give thanks and reverence for the legacy of Rico Priem. Whispering a gentle prayer to the sacred soft spaces within his family’s hearts that ache in his absence.”

Our thoughts and prayers are with Rico Priem’s family and loved ones.