Angela Simmons Opens Up About Escaping An Abusive Relationship

Angela Simmons opened up about a previous abusive relationship.

On an episode of Peace of Mind With Taraji on Facebook Watch, Angela spoke about being physically abused by her ex.

She says, “I just felt like after I kinda got through it, like with therapy and stuff. I was like, I know there’s a lot of other girls like me out there. And when I was going through it, I felt kind of isolated. Because like the situation as it’s happening, you don’t even realize because it’s happening so fast, what’s going on. And I just feel like I wanted to be able to use my voice and my platform for other people who were going through that as well. Like, let me just start opening up and talking about it.”

She continued, “I dealt with somebody with a temper and I didn’t know, you know what I mean? It started off as small things. Then next thing you know, stuff’s getting thrown at me. Or I’m against a wall. Or I’m jumping out of moving cars because I’m afraid. Or I’m calling cops. Like, I never thought in a million years I was gonna be that person, you know? And so when I was going through it, I’m like, this is insane. And at the same time, you’re not wanting to tell like no one around you. Because you’re in a relationship with the person, right. And you don’t really want them to judge them. And in a weird way, you’re still guarding them. But like going through it yourself.”

“I didn’t fully see it until it was too late, you know? Like once you’re knee-deep in a relationship and you’re like, is this really my life? And then every time there’s a sorry, I don’t know how you wind up staying. Like, you just, you think they’re really sorry. Or it’s not gonna happen again…I’m always feeling like that. Miss You Want to Fix Everything. ‘I can get them better.’ And, you know, we can go to therapy or something. And it’s like, sometimes it just doesn’t work…I had a really bad night one night, and cops were involved. And I was like, what am I doing?”

Watch the full interview below.