Angry Netflix Employees Protest Over Dave Chappelle ‘The Closer’ Special & Walk Out!

Some Netflix employees don’t agree with one of the shows playing on the streaming service. 

As reported on Yahoo, Netflix employees protested yesterday (October 20) over Dave Chappelle’s “The Closer” special on Netflix. They chanted phrases like “trans lives matter” and more. The publication says by noon, at least 100 Netflix employees were protesting. 

Some people are upset about the comments Dave made comments trans men/women. However, Netflix CEO supports Dave and doesn’t want to pull his special. 

Take a look at the protest:

Binary and non-binary workers want Netflix to “repair” their relationships with staff and the audience by hiring more trans executives. In addition, they want to increase spending on trans and nonbinary creators and projects. On the flipside, counter protesters who support Dave said words like “we like jokes.” Take a look: