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Oh God! Tamar Braxton Claims Monica Doesn’t Like Her

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Monica Brown celebrated her 38th birthday earlier this week. Snoop Dogg’s wife, Shante Broadus shared a video wishing her friend a happy birthday. And Tamar Braxton took to Instagram to leave a message for her ex-friend, Monica.

“Sheon like me for whatever but I love her and her movement,” said Tamar in the comment sections.

Last year, Tamar unfollowed Monica along with Kandi and Tiny Harris because the ladies shared a video shared a video of Toya Wright on her old talk show, “The Real” after being fired from the show. She says:

“Nope [no beef], everything is amazing,” said Tamar about her relationship with Tiny.”I just supported her last week with her basketball game, we hung out in Vegas, we got our entire life.”

“I’m gonna go back to the day when everybody got in their feelings and wrote books about me unfollowing them,” said Tamar subtly shading Toya Wright.
“I unfollowed Monica, I unfollowed Tiny, I unfollowed Kandi…I unfollowed everybody that day that posted THAT show [“The Real”] I was rightfully in my feelings, it was nothing personal.

“She [Monica] wasn’t even on “The Real” that day, I unfollowed everybody because I didn’t wanna see it,” she added. “I had every intent of following everybody back. I unfollowed at least 30 people that day, when I went to follow her back she had blocked me.”

Monica has not responded to Tamar’s claims and knowing her she probably won’t.

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