Anonymous Donor Pays Remaining Balances Of Graduating Students At Wiley College

This is simply amazing for the graduating class of 2022 at Wiley College. 

It has been reported that an anonymous donor has covered the remaining balances of the students who have recently graduated from the HBCU. They were informed about the news during their commencement. 

The video of the announcement was posted online with the students being told “You are debt-free. You do not owe the college a penny.”

Herman J. Felton Jr., the president and CEO of Wiley College said in a press release, “We are constantly communicating with donors to assist students in these ways so that they can begin their after-college experience with less debt.”

The estimated total of the balances that the class of 2022 owed was close to $300,000.

Congratulations to the class of 2022.