Antonio Brown Slammed By Fans Over Disrespectful Lyrics Towards Keke Palmer

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Antonio Brown is being called out by fans after he tried to get disrespectful with Keke Palmer.

The former football player went on a social media rant about the actress and used the lyrics from Kanye West’s song “Vultures” in his first and third tweet. “She got pregnant in a 3 some so whose baby is it…” He went on to tweet, “I don’t drink Arnold PALMERS, I sip Keke Palmer Ya dig.” 

Brown then added, “We ran her like the Olympics.” Keke Palmer fans immediately called him out and urged him to leave her alone. One person said, “Leave my good sis tf out of your episodes.” Another one said, “So disrespectful he doesn’t like Black women clearly!” 

“Someone slipped him a super drug. He need therapy, prayer, and a bed for bringing Keke into this,” another fan said. Antonio Brown has been accused of being a misogynist and it’s a  topic that she recently spoke about with her mother, Sharon Palmer. 

“So misogyny came at me hard and quick, with the quickness… So, for me, when I entered outside of my household,and I saw that everybody doesn’t really respect their wives or even women in the way that my dad respects my mom.” The actress called the experience a rude awakening,” she said. 

Brown later clarified his tweets and said, “I love Keke Palmer, this is me creatively thinking of rap bars,” he wrote. “These all are rap lyrics please do not spin my words Spin your money. Ima Rappa” and “Blogs keep lying on my d—k But it ain’t shrinking”