Arc of Justice and The Justice Clapback Launch Community Solidarity Event 

The Arc of Justice and The Justice Clapback are bringing the community together through an event highlighting the recent hate and racism targeted to the Asian community.

The Arc of Justice and The Justice Clapback focus on awareness of civil rights issues across the nation. On Friday, March 12th at 8 pm the  Village Mic will come together to affirm their solidarity with the Asian community who has been recently targeted by hate and racism.

The organization released a statement stating, “all communities of good conscience and faith in the human spirit are welcome in the Village. We along with leaders and stakeholders from Asian, Black, Brown, and White communities around New York will converge on this moment with the principle of unity and equity, harnessed by the resolve of our collective consciousness to contend with this thread of hate woven into the fabric of our city and nation. We as Clergy, activists and advocates, elected officials, professionals, and everyday people intend to amplify the cries of our neighbors and the call to pursue justice and equity wherever it may be denied. ”

The statement continues, “we will stand together in this moment and for all times to confront and eradicate hatred, bigotry and xenophobia no matter the complexion, nor creed, nor persuasion of its victims.”

Join the conversation on The Justice Clapback through their Facebook Page: Village Mic powered by The Arc of Justice

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