Ari Lennox Gives New Details About Her Upcoming Album

Ari Lennox is giving details about her upcoming album after giving an amazing performance at the BET awards alongside Jazmine Sullivan. 

As fans are anxiously waiting for the album, Lennox is in no rush to release an album. In a recent interview, Lennox said, “PHO. Ariography. Five Finger Discount. Wrote all that too. I’m content with my discography. Wether top 40 or not. Don’t care. My heart and Soul is in every single joint that’s out. Even my SoundCloud joints.” 

She also added, “So until it feels right there simply won’t be no date on another project. So living my life is what I’ll continue doing. Honestly, that’s exactly how I feel, and honestly what’s the rush to get bigger? I’m already miserable where I’m at.” 

Thoughts on this?