Ari Lennox States She’s Done With Interviews After Being Offended By A Podcaster

Ari Lennox claims she is done with doing interviews after being offended during her recent one.

While speaking with the host of Podcast and Chill Mac G., the singer was asked if “someone was f***ing her good right now,” which shocked her. 

“Oh my God! Woah, there! Um… I’m not having [sex]… that’s a wild question… why that wat, why ask it that way?” Lennox asked.  The host explained that he asked the question because of a lyric that Lennox had said in one of her songs. 

Ari Lennox stated that she remembered the song that she said it in but was taken aback by the question. After the interview was over, she would say in a now-deleted tweet “And I’m never doing another interview again.” 

Watch the clip below.

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