B2K’s Raz B Evokes Police Intervention After Breaking Windows and Scaling Rooftop of Hospital

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Singer Raz B is currently being treated by medical staff after the police were called to a Kansas City hospital.

According to reports, the singer shattered a hospital window and proceeded to scale the rooftop, leading to a call for police assistance. Prior to the situation, he shared videos on social media expressing his concerns regarding personal safety.

The videos took place at a local Hilton hotel where he was accommodated, and in them, he said, “I’m fighting to stay alive” and accentuated his hesitancy to go through with the surgery in that particular hospital.

At approximately 10:20 a.m. on Thursday, the singer was at Saint Luke’s Hospital
when he forcibly shattered a window and climbed to the rooftop. In response to the situation, emergency personnel quickly positioned a protective mat beneath Raz B in the event that he would jump.

Afterward, Raz B pulls back from his previous position and reenters the premises
through the formerly broken window. Subsequently, he proceeded to receive necessary medical
attention from the prior healthcare professionals.