Ballot Measures Explained – NYC Mayoral Election 2021

November 2nd is Election Day for New York City!

Everybody knows that on November 2nd there will be an election for the next Mayor of New York City, but did you know that there are five ballot measures being voted on? Ballot measures are a form of direct democracy in which citizens are asked directly to make decisions about government.

Ballot Measures

This election New Yorkers will be asked to vote on ballot measures dealing with everything from the environment to the powers of the New York Civil Court. Voters will be asked to vote yes or no to the following five ballot measures:

  1. Amend the portions of the New York Constitution that relate to the way district lines for congressional and state legislative offices are determined.
  2. Amend the New York Constitution t0 establish the right of each person to clean air and water and a healthful environment.
  3. Amendment to delete the current requirement that a citizen be registered to vote at least ten days before an election; allowing the Legislature to enact laws permitting a citizen to register to vote less than ten days before the election.
  4. Amendment to delete from the current provision on absentee ballots the requirement that an absentee voter must be unable to appear at the polls by reason of absence from the county or illness or physical disability.
  5. Amendment to allow New York City Civil Court to hear and decide claims for up to $50,000 instead of the current jurisdictional limit of $25,000.

If you’d like to learn more about these ballot measures – information is available through New York State. Click here to find your voting location.