Basketball Wife Brandi Maxwell’s Husband Admits to Sleeping with 341 Women [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: OWN

Former Basketball Wives LA star Brandi Maxwell and her husband Jason Maxwell appeared on ‘Iyanla Fix My Life’ where he confessed his wrongdoings and infidelity issues. The two have been together for seventeen years and married for eight. Brandi knew her husband was unfaithful, but wasn’t really clear of the extent.

During a one on one with Iyanla, the ex-NBA player revealed that he had slept with approximately 341 women in his lifetime. In the clip below, Brandi shared that she only knew of eight women and was completely surprised that he slept with over 50 women.

“That’s disgusting. Eight was a lot for me,” an emotional Brandi tells Iyanla.

Watch the clip below: