Bernice King Responds To Jonathan Majors Comparing Meagan Good To Coretta Scott King

Jonathan Majors has made headlines recently for comparing Meagan Good, whom he’s dating, to Coretta Scott King. Now King’s daughter, Bernice King, is speaking out against his comments.

She took to Twitter to share some words about her mother’s character and legacy after Majors used her as an example of a woman who holds her man down.

“My mother wasn’t a prop,” she tweeted. “She was a peace advocate before she met my father and was instrumental in him speaking out against the Vietnam War. Please understand…my mama was a force.”

King then linked an article she wrote about her mother for HuffPost. In the 2017 article, she explained more about who her mother was and her efforts before she met Dr. Martin luther King and married him.

During his Good Morning America interview, Majors described Good as his Coretta.

“Everything has kinda gone away. And it’s just me now, you know, and my lovely, you know, partner, Meagan [Good], and my dogs. She’s an angel. She’s held me down like a Coretta. I’m so blessed to have her. The relationship is still fresh, but I think I’ve found her,” he said during the interview.

This wasn’t the first time Majors mentioned Scott King as a refernce of what he desires in a partner. During the trial, it was revealed that he demanded his ex, Garce Jabbari, to act more like Scott King or Michelle Obama.