Beyoncé Drops Four New Versions Of ‘Break My Soul’

Beyoncé has done it again! 

After releasing her hit single “Break My Soul”, and her new album Renaissance, Queen Bey has decided to give her fans more of her. 

It has been reported that the singer had dropped four new versions of “Break My Soul.” Each version has different artists on it. One of them is with of the. Black Eyed Peas, the other tracks include Dj Nita Aviance, popular Trans DJ Honey Dijon, and Grammy-nominated house DJ Terry Hunter. 

As The Root reports, each version of the song brings something different but remains a catchy tune with high elevations. 

DJ Honey took to Instagram to express her gratitude and excitement over working with Beyoncé not only on this song but also on “Cozy” and Alien Superstar.” 

“Thank you @beyonce for this incredible moment. Meeting and working with you on Renaissance has been life-changing. Your elegance, beauty, talent, work ethic, and vision is truly inspirational. To share my Chicago house music roots and black queer and trans culture with you and the world is profound and emotional. I am honored, humbled, delirious with joy, and proud.” 

DJ Nita also shared the same sentiments in a separate post as well. See the entire post below. 

You can listen to the 4-track EP right below.