Bianca Belair And Montez Ford On Maintaining Love And Marriage In The WWE

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WWE Superstars and power couple Bianca Belair and Montez Ford have been at the forefront of representation within the sports entertainment organization for several years and even hit several milestones throughout their career.

Montez Ford is a part of the tag team, The Street Profits, and they are the second tag team to known as triple crown champions after holding the Raw, Smackdown, and NXT tag team championships. Bianca Belair has also been doing her own thing as well. She is the first and only female to be the main event in three back to back Wrestlemania events, (WWE’s biggest event of the year), as well as becoming the first Black woman to be on the cover of WWE’s 2k24 video game.

Belair has held both of the Raw and Smackdown women’s championships as well and continues to be an inspiration to young girls all over the world. As wrestlers they spend most of their time on the road, things can become pretty hectic especially as married couple, however, they explain how they keep altogether on the latest episode of Rhythm and Views podcast with Krista B.

“He’s legit my bestfriend,” Bianca said when asked how do they remain in love while handling stressful situations in their marriage while on the road. “I can talk to him like whenever I get good news, bad news. I can talk to him like whenever I get good news, bad news. But he’s my best friend and I, I not only do, I love my husband but I like my husband. I like him a lot.”

She added, “And I will say my husband holds it down when it comes to being like thoughtful and he’s like the most romantic person ever. He’ll turn a continental breakfast at a, at a hotel into like some romantic breakfast.And he’s always reminded me he’s like, babe, we haven’t spent any time together. I’m like, babe, we work together, we travel together, we live together, we together all the time.He’s like, no, but like quality time, quantity versus quality. So he’s really the person, the backbone of us keeping that love in our marriage.

Ford also spoke on the topic and said, “I have a great woman that not only has the world seen everything she’s done and they’re so amazed by that, but she’s even a better wife, a better companion, better, best friend, very motivating.”

He added, “I feel like as good or bad as the world treats me.I always feel like a king when I come home. And I think that’s the most important thing for me and anyone else who’s married, like,, just being able to go handle the world, whether the world is giving your flowers or not. Like when I step through the door of our household, I feel like king, I feel like that’s what keeps me going no matter if I have to be patient or whether everything is going well or bad. Like that’s the main thing. And I’m very, very appreciative of that. ‘

In this latest episode, the couple also speaks about their new reality show “Love & WWE,” which airs on Hulu on February 2nd, getting ready for the WWE’s Royal Rumble that takes place this Saturday in Tampa, Florida, and balancing their real lives outside of the wrestling ring.

Listen to the entire episode now.