Big Daddy Kane Issues An Apology To A Sign Language Interpreter

Legendary rapper Big Daddy Kane issues an apology to fans after he allegedly offended some fans during his latest concert. 

Kane took to Instagram to explain that the incident with kicking a sign language interpreter was a misunderstanding. 

“So I know a lot of people out there saw this… but see, what y’all didn’t see was this… Y’all, I’ve done a lot of crazy stuff in my life. But I would never try to disrespect an interpreter that’s doing sign language for the deaf community on the stage,” Kane said.

He continued, “No one told me what was going on. No one told my manager that there would be an interpreter. We were clueless. So, when I came on stage and saw someone just mouthing the lyrics, you know, I was trying to get them off the stage.” 

Big Daddy Kane concluded by saying, “Much respect to the deaf community. I would never disrespect y’all. And much love to that interpreter. Again, I apologize, my brother.”

Watch the entire clip below.