Bill Bellamy Says VA Governor Ralph Northam Has to Step Down: ‘He Would Have More Dignity If He Owned Up to It’ [VIDEO]

Photo Credit: Paras Griffin/Getty Image

In case you missed it, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam is under fire after college yearbook photos surfaced of him proudly dressed in blackface next to a friend dressed in Ku Klux Klan attire. Many have called for Governor Northam’s resignation including civil rights leader Al Sharpton, but so far, the Nassawadox-bred politician is refusing. So, celebs like Bill Bellamy are chiming in to explain why the need for the governor’s resignation is so important.

Gov. Northam needs to resign

TMZ caught up with Bellamy inside Los Angeles’ LAX airport, and asked his thoughts on Gov. Northam’s denial of the photo.

“He already know he gotta step down. He doesn’t want to, but he got to. You can’t represent the people of your state and be that kinda guy. It doesn’t make sense.”

He continued, “His pride – he’s trying to wiggle out of it, but it ain’t gonna work. He’s already made a choice. You could have made a choice 20 years ago, and it can still hurt you today. Everyone’s accountable. He should have apologized.”

The comedian and actor also said basic moral principles should incentivize him to take responsibility for his actions.

“He would have more dignity if he owned up to it. I don’t think he should keep his job.”

“There’s a lot of people being racist, but they don’t get caught being racist. When you get caught, you have to be accountable for how you feel.”

Catch the full interview above.