Bill Cosby Wants to be Released From Following Coronavirus Outbreak

Looks like Bill Cosby wants to be released from prison because of health concerns. The 82-year-old is currently serving “a three to ten-year sentence” at the SCI Phoenix in Montgomery County prison. Due to his age and medical condition, his legal team fears that he is at risk especially with the rapid spread of COVID-19.

Donald Trump did release an order to “release an elect number of non-violent criminals in order to lower the risk of the pandemic.” In doing so, the team wants Cosby to be transferred to his Pennsylvania home instead. His lawyer, Andrew Wyatt was also informed that one of Cosby’s fellow inmates tested positive for the virus. In a statement he says:

“We are now making ready a motion to talk to the court and the condition to release Mr. Cosby from jail and area him less than property arrest for the duration of his sentence…We are not carrying out this simply because he is Bill Cosby, our issue is that he is 82, he is blind and has shut call with personnel who acquire him to his health care appointments each and every day in a wheelchair, they acquire him for his meals and thoroughly clean his mobile. If they get infected they could pass it on to him.”

He adds:

“We believe that it is only a matter of time in advance of Mr. Cosby’s prison most likely falls target to the virus, such a confined area is the best location for a virus to spread speedily, it is dangerous to the jail staff members and susceptible inmates…Bill Cosby is no detriment or risk to the group. He just can’t go anyplace, he is aged, he is blind. He can stay less than property arrest with an ankle bracelet, as he did just before, with his spouse taking care of him. Allow him to do his time at his house.”

Should Bill Cosby release from prison?