Billie Holiday, Elizabeth Jennings Graham, and Shirley Chisholm Will Be Honored in NYC with Statues

Photo Credit: Getty Images

She Built NYC, an initiative that inspires women to advance their careers, is currently working on the representation of women when it comes to historical statutes in New York City.

Deputy Mayor Alica Glen and NYC First Lady Chirlance McCray is bridging the gap and because of this organization, three Black women “who have left an impact on the city” will now be honored with their very own statues: Elizabeth Jennings Graham, Billie Holiday and Shirley Chisholm.


“There are big gaps in our City’s public art, with few statues of women, trans, and gender nonconforming people. The message that lack of representation sends is that these people have no value and did not make contributions to our city. This first step we are taking will help us more accurately show the diversity in the people who helped make New York City so great.”

She also adds:

“We pledge to do better by the leaders, achievers and artists who’ve not gotten their due in the histories written by men. We cannot tell the story of New York City without recognizing the invaluable contributions of the women who helped build and shape it.”

Construction on the monuments will begin in 2022.