Black Twitter Puts Shannon Sharpe On Blasts Over HBCU Comments

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Shannon Sharpe has rubbed Black Twitter the wrong way, and they let him have it. 

The Undisputed host took to Twitter to give his hot take on HBCUs and said that he wouldn’t have been in one if his high school grades were better. “I went to an HBCU. But only because I was Prop 48. It would out GR8 for me,” he wrote. “Had I had the grades coming out of HS. I wouldn’t have chosen an HBCU.” 

Sharpe’s tweet came days after Deion Sanders announced that he will be the new coach at Colorado, which made a lot of people upset who felt that he was there to improve the underfunded football programs. 

Black Twitter was quick to respond to Sharpe’s tweet and call him out for it. One user wrote, “So you used your HBCU to get on cause you ain’t have the grades! Thanks for your honesty! You would’ve never made it to the NFL without a HBCU! Shannon, I just expected more from you!” 

See some more responses below. 

What are your thoughts on what Shannon Sharpe tweeted?