Black-Woman Owned Cosmetics Brand Makes $1 Million in 90 Minutes

Photo Credit: Instagram

Talk about women bossing all the way up!

New Orleans, Wuzzam Supa also known as Supa Cent was overwhelmed with joy after successfully making a million dollars in ninety minutes.

Some of you might remember Supa from her funny videos on social platform ‘The Vine’ in 2013. After becoming a viral sensation online, she later launched her own cosmetics line ‘The Crayon Case’ in 2017. She started off with an eye shadow palette with bold and vibrant colors in what looks like a box of crayons. The cosmetics line eventually took the community by storm.

The young entrepreneur hosted a Cyber Monday 60{cf74dfb42c160c86fab84d92af628b92d0859125321fa10dc87be72131d49b21} sale and by 10:30 am that day she garnered over 10k orders. Moments later she grossed $1 million of revenue. She shared an emotional video on her Instagram account with the caption:

“Million Dollar Day in a hour in a half. GOD THANK YOU!! A b**ch busted tables and cleaned hotel rooms. Don’t tell me it’s not possible.”


Million Dollar Day in a hour in a half. GOD THANK YOU‼️

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The Crayon Case also offers highlighters, eye pencils, palette, lip pencils and lipsticks.


Congratulations to this million dollar woman! Shop ‘The Crayon Case’ products here.