Black Women Rising: Dermatologist Dr. Natasha Sandy M.D.

WBLS Highlights Dr. Natasha Sandy as our Black Woman Rising. She is an outspoken and multi-faceted woman of many roles.

Dr. Sandy is an innovative and dedicated dermatologist who is passionate about skin nourishment. Dr. Sandy is the first graduate of the Clinical Dermatology Fellowship at the University of Texas Health Science Center, one of only two of its kind in the nation.

Watch as British Born, Dr. Natasha Sandy M.D. Talks American Black History Impacting
Her Success in the U.S., Opening 2 Dermatological Practices & Skin From the Inside Out!

After training at Drexel University, John Hopkins, and UMDNJ, Dr. Sandy has established her own skincare and dermatology practice, PolisheD, which focuses on skin, health, and nutrition. From a variety of services in face, hair, body, and skin conditions, Dr. Sandy believes in a holistic approach to skincare that educates people on how to glow from the inside out. Through the use of both traditional & non-traditional treatments, Dr. Sandy uses dermatology as a means to improve not only skin appearance but also general health.

Due to a lack of representation in the dermatology industry, while Dr. Sandy offers services tailored to everyone, she also has a specific passion for helping and educating people of color to understand their skin and what works best for them.

Dr. Sandy has been active in academia and curriculum development, as well as focusing on learning more about the dermatological demands for skin of color. In addition to participating in free skin clinics, in both the U.S. and Caribbean, Dr. Sandy has also traveled to Tanzania, Africa to participate in medical missions. Her work has been recognized throughout the medical community and she has been honored as a Women’s Health Scholar and an All American Scholar, alongside many other achievements.

Dr. Sandy is currently a member of the Society for Pediatric Dermatology, American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, American Medical Association and many more. Thank you, Dr. Natasha Sandy, for being our Black Woman Rising!

By: Nialani Pringle