BMM Artist Spotlight: Five Things You Didn’t Know About The Unstoppable Legend Candi Staton

(Photo by Moses Robinson/Getty Images)

Over the span of a 50 – year career, Candi Staton has been on an unremarkable climb. Staton is best known for her hits like “Victim”, “Young Hearts Run Free”, and the remake of “Stand By Your Man”. She is a 4-time Grammy nominated artist and has won an array of awards throughout her career. While fans know Staton for her hits and her illustrious career, here are five things you probably didn’t know about her.

  1. Candi Staton began her singing career in the 1950s, where she toured with Jewell Gospel Trio. The group also sang with Mahaila Jackson, C.L. Franklin and the Soul Stirrers.
  2. First Lady of Southern Soul: In 1975, Staton earned the title “First Lady of Southern Soul” after remaking the country songs “Stand By Your Man” and “In The Ghetto”. These songs would later become nominated for Grammys.
  3. Staton’s hit Young Hearts Run Free was based on the abusive relationship she had with her ex-husband. 

  4. In 2017, Candi Staton was diagnosed with breast cancer and still went on a summer tour to promote her album “Unstoppable”.
  5. ‘Unstoppable’ marks Candi Staton’s 30th studio album to date!

Fans are looking forward to hearing more from this living legend!