Bobby Brown Reveals He Had No Say In Whitney Houston’s Biopic

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Bobby Brown is speaking out about the biopic about his late ex-wife, Whitney Houston. 

As the movie premieres in theaters today, (Friday, December 2nd), Brown claims that he was not involved in the production of the film. “I don’t know nothing about that movie,” he said while speaking to TMZ. 

Although the legendary singer made this claim, Clive Davis is assuring fans that this movie will show the “honest portrayal of Houston’s life.” The music executive worked with screenwriter Anthony McCarten to put the script together. 

“We wanted to tell the truth that not only was honest about the battles and struggles that Whitney was dealing with,” Davis said. “But also the truth about her musical achievement, her one-of-a-kind triumph and successes.”

Fans got a chance to see the inside life of Brown and Houston in the reality Being Bobby Brown, as well various biopics of his own.  In this new film, I Wanna Dance With Somebody, actor Ashton Sanders (Moonlight), will play the role of Brown. 

“I was pretty nervous to take on the part given, you know, everything it was going to be,” Sanders said. “I think we really created something beautiful that will be nostalgic, well-respected, and euphoric. It’s a beautiful film.”

Bobby Brown and Whitney Houston for 14 years before calling it quits in 2007. Do you think that he should’ve been a part of this movie?