Bobby Brown Reveals He Was Molested By A Priest In New Documentary

R&B legend Bobby Brown is opening up about his troubled childhood and revealed the encounter that he almost had with a priest. 

In his new documentary that is set to air on A&E, Brown opens up about the incident. He said, “When my mother was arrested, I was sent to temporary custody by social services which was supposed to be a religious place.” 

He continued, It was not a nice place to be as a child. One of the priests tried to molest me. He tried to touch my private parts. There was no penetration or anything. He touched my privates and I didn’t like that. I punched and kicked and punched some more until he got away from me; so I ran away from there as quickly as possible.” 

Brown added, “At the time, I was a young boy. I didn’t know what sexual boundaries were. I just knew I didn’t like being touched. Some things are hard to forget.”

Bobby Brown’s documentary will air on Monday, May 30th at 8 pm on A&E. It will be followed by a 12-part docuseries Bobby Brown: Every Little Step that will air at 10 pm on Tuesdays. 

The singer will also go into detail about his previous relationships with Janet Jackson, Madonna, and his marriage to the late Whitney Houston.

Will you be watching this documentary?