Bobby Brown’s Sister SLAMS ‘The Bobby Brown Story’ And His Wife Alicia – ‘Why LIE???’

Photo Credit: Getty Images

Part two of BET’s The Bobby Brown Story aired Wednesday night and while many discovered some shocking revelations, some weren’t pleased with the movie. Brown’s sister Leolah Brown Muhammad criticizes the biopic stating that it is all lies. And she is blaming Brown’s second wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, who is one of the executive producers.

Leolah feels that Alicia does not know the family well enough and the way her family was portrayed is very inaccurate.

“How the hell they gon do a movie about my brother Bobby Brown which included his siblings and his so called wife (Alicia) is one of the dam producers???!!!??? REALLY/ ARE YOU SERIOUS? Someone who doesn’t even dam know us… CAME VERY LATE!.. And truth be really dam told-WASN’T even dam around us like this movie is dam LYING saying she was!!! A BUNCH OF BULLSHIT FOR REAL I’M SORRY I’M TIRED ENOUGH! SMH. I don seen ENOUGH and too many dam lies already! That’s it! Enough is enough already! BOBBY PLEASE WAKE UP! SMH!”

She is currently looking for producers to do her version of the Bobby Brown movie.

“I’m looking for “producers” and “directors” right now to do the rightful movie! And not just ONE movie. I’m talking serveral! And I promise you they will be REAL & TRUE! And I don’t care if they are new to the industry! Key is, were going to make sure that the movie is telling the dam truth! And it will be so much better anyways telling the dam truth! Why LIE???? Could of gotten a way better movie by TELLING THE TRUTH! SMH…”

See what else she had to say below: