Brandee Evans To Star Alongside Sheryl Lee Ralph In The New Movie ‘The Fabulous Four’

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Brandee Evans of P-Valley has landed a role of a lifetime. 

She is set to star in the film, The Fabulous Four alongside Sheryl Lee Ralph, Susan Sarandon, Megan Mullally, and Bette Midler. According to reports, the film will follow three friends who fly to Key West to be bridesmaids in a wedding for their friend. 

As all four of the women come together, they rekindle their sisterhood as “the past rises up again in all its glory, and there are enough sparks, drinks and romance to change all their lives in ways they never expected.”

Evans will play Ralph’s daughter in the film. Along with this news, Evans will reprise her role in season three of the Starz hit series P-Valley. In 2021, during a recent interview, she spoke about the show’s uniqueness. 

“I don’t think on TV you’ve really seen what happens truly at home on any show that you try to compare us to, and we’re going to continue to break that barrier. This isn’t anything you’ve ever seen before, P-Valley stands alone in that sense,” she said.

“And it’s shot from a woman’s gaze, which I think is so beautiful and Katori [Hall] is going to continue on with those female directors this season as well. It’s a beautiful moment when you’re able to see it through a woman’s eyes and mostly with a woman’s perspective on the show.”

The Fabulous Four is set to be released on July 26, 2024. Will you be watching this film?