Brandy Discusses ‘Cinderella’ Reunion With Paolo Montalban

Photo Credit: Disney

Brandy and Paolo Montalban are reuniting! Over two decades after starring as Cinderella and Prince Charming in Rodgers & Hammerstein’s Cinderella, the actors are reprising their roles. They return as the beloved Disney couple in Descendants: The Rise of Red.

Brandy’s Magical Reunion

Brandy and Montalban play slightly different characters this time, including having a daughter named Chloe (Malia Baker). However, their on-screen chemistry remains magical. Speaking exclusively with PEOPLE, Brandy and Montalban share that the chance to work together again was a significant reason for their return.

“They’re such iconic roles, and you don’t get a chance to do that very often in life,” Brandy explains. “When I heard Paolo was doing it, I said, ‘Yes,’ right away.”

Montalban agrees, noting the special bond they share. “Getting to sing and waltz with Brandy again was so incredibly special,” he says.

Surreal Moments

Recalling their first day on set, both describe it as “surreal.” Brandy says, “I couldn’t stop smiling. The whole moment was just spectacular.” Montalban adds, “What I love the most is the regal quality that Brandy brings to Queen Cinderella. As an actor, I don’t have to act. It helps because my character has so much gratitude, respect, and love for Cinderella.”

Fans of the original 1997 film still express their love to Montalban. “It was such a big part of their lives. Now they’re a part of my life. It’s a blessing,” he says. Brandy shares this sentiment, “It’s a blessing to make history and inspire people. That means a lot. You can’t buy that. You have to live that and become that. I’m just so grateful.”

With the new Descendants film, Montalban hopes to continue the original’s spirit. “I am proud we get to bring forward the spirit of representation for a whole new generation,” he says. “We hope everybody loves it.”

As for future projects, Brandy and Montalban are excited about potential sequels. “We are open for another Descendants,” Brandy says. “I just want to see how far they can take the characters because the sky’s the limit.”

Descendants: The Rise of Red will premiere on Disney+ on July 12.