Brandy Wasn’t Pleased With Ray J’s Verzuz Performance & Called Him Out, ‘If I Had One Wish, You’d Listen To Your Sister’

The recent verzuz is causing a lot of chatter. 

It went down last week in Los Angeles. Although the battle was between living R&B legends Mario and Omarion. There was a pre show before the battle between Ray J and Bobby V vs. Pleasure P and Sammie. 

The show was entertaining. There was a lot going on. Ray J’s performance went viral. During the show, he came on stage with his son, which wasn’t an issue. However, he sang off key and Brand was not happy about that. 

The “Sitting Up In My Room” singer called her baby brother out online. Initally, Ray J deleted her first comment, so she wrote it again,

“Since we deleting comments, I will comment again!Bro, Pops told me that you didn’t drink none of the tea I made for you.” 

She continued, “He also told me that you were talking all day when I specifically said NO TALKING and only drink water and the special tea I made for you at 4 in the freaking morning.” Brandy had to take it THERE, and said, 

“Caught [red handed]!!! If I had one wish, you would listen to your big sis sometimes and especially for @verzuztv. But I’m hot as [fire emoji] Lord have mercy!!! Smh- when I get off vocal rest, we are gonna have a serious conversation. And I’m gonna screenshot this comment in case you try and delete it again- and I will post again. Lol.” Take a look:

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