‘Braxton Family Values’ To Come Back To WeTv

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The Braxtons will be making its way back to your TV screens soon. 

According to reports the show will be on WeTv. The show first aired in 2011 on WeTv and it followed the lives of Toni Braxton and hers along with their mother Evelyn. The show ended in 2020 after seven seasons. 

It has been said that the famous family is ready to come back to share more of their personal lives with the world. During the filming of the sixth season, the sisters and their mother boycotted the network for allegedly being underpaid. This was one of the many issues that the family had faced with the network. 

Tamar Braxton accused the network of exploitation and she would call them out for using her suicide attempt for promotional purposes although she wasn’t on the show anymore. She expressed, “F*** WeTv and whomever else is participating in using my pain for their pleasure and ratings.” She then replied to a fan saying, “baby… I’m not on that show anymore. This is all done behind my back.” 

The Love and War singer then added a year later that she and family had no plans on returning to the network. “The true depiction of a Black American family is not a bunch of foolishness. The other part of the truth is, I ain’t finna let the devil use me like that- for people’s entertainment purposes. It’s a no for me dawg.”

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