Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Reaches $2M Settlement With Louisville

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Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, has settled 2 lawsuits against the city of Louisville. Kenneth Walker fired a shot at police as they burst through Taylor’s door the night she was killed, 2 years ago.

The city will pay $2 million to settle lawsuits filed by Walker, one of his attorneys, Steve Romines, said in a statement. In the statement he added that Taylor’s death “will haunt Kenny for the rest of his life.”

“He will live with the effects of being put in harm’s way due to a falsified warrant, to being a victim of a hailstorm of gunfire and to suffering the unimaginable and horrific death of Breonna Taylor,” Romines said.

In the lawsuit, Kenneth says the police violated his rights by not announcing themselves in 2020 when they busted into his home. He also says that they used excessive force during the interaction with Taylor.

The death of Breonna Taylor fueled protests across the country. It also put “no-knock” warrants under the microscope.

Walker had been charged with attempted murder after shooting a Louisville police officer in the leg the night of the raid. Prosecutors later dropped that charge.

This is not the first time a settlement was made after that night’s incidents. In September 2020, city officials agreed to pay Breonna Taylor’s family $12 million. They also agreed to institute changes aimed at preventing future killings by officers, including implementing an early-warning system to flag officers who have been accused of excessive force and requiring more oversight by top commanders.