Breonna Taylor’s Boyfriend Speaks About The Day She Killed By Police On Red Table Talk

Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend, Kenny Walker, and her family joined the Red Table Talk to discuss the events that led up to the tragic death of Taylor in March 2020. 

On the show, Walker talked about how the police ordered him to go outside after they entered his home while using a no-knock warrant in search of a suspected drug dealer. They wound up shooting 20 rounds killing Taylor.

“The only way for her to possibly even get some help is if I go outside,” Taylor said. “So either they’re gonna shoot and kill me and then come help her. Either way I have to come outside.” 

In the police video that was obtained by Red Table Talk, it displayed the officers screaming and shouting at Walker ordering him to walk backwards from his apartment to them. The video also shows Walker crying while asking “What is this about? We’re both just regular working people.”

He can also be heard telling the police, “My girlfriend is dead,” to which one of the cops replied, “I don’t give a —– keep walking.”  Kenny Walker would be charged attempted murder of a police officer and assault for shooting a warning shot during the invasion at his apartment. The charges were later dismissed after the case received a national outpouring of outrage. 

The four officers involved in the shooting were charged with violating Breonna Taylor’s civil rights by federal authorities. One of them pled guilty to a federal conspiracy charge which she can face up to fives years in jail if she is convicted.