Brian McKnight Claims His Ex-Wife Won’t Let Him Help With Son’s Cancer Battle

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The issues between Brian McKnight, his ex-wife, and his biological children worsen. 

The singer has recently revealed that his estranged son, Niko, is currently battling stage four cancer and that his ex-wife Julie is preventing him from helping their son. “Six months ago, we found out about this [Niko’s cancer diagnosis],” he reportedly said. “We called him. We talked to him, we talked to his wife. She told us that she was all alone and handling everything all by herself and it became quickly evident to us that since they didn’t have insurance and they didn’t have access to the proper doctors, naturally, we jumped into action.”

McKnight also stated that he and his second wife, Leilani Mendoza, sent Niko to the “best specialist in the country to give [Niko] the best fighting chance.” He said that they found a treatment facility for Niko. 

When he was getting ready to fly Niko and his wife to his home, McKnight said that Julie allegedly called and stopped him. “I can only imagine that if that help came from me, that it would go against the strong narrative that’s being pushed out there about me,” Brian said. “So what are we doing? We’re adhering to her wishes because that’s what she wanted and we’re staying out of it.”

Julie released a statement of her own on this issue. “This is, once again, a response to bait myself & my family into his false narrative. He is a liar.” Brian McKnight and Julie were married for 13 years and got a divorce in 2003. In 2017, he married Mendoza and they share a one-year-old son. 

The news of Niko’s cancer comes after Brian McKnight called his biological children a product of sin and said that he didn’t raise them but their mothers did.