Brittish Williams Asks Judge To Delay Sentencing To Spend Christmas With Her Daughter

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Brittish Williams wants to spend one more holiday with her family before being sentenced to jail.

The reality TV star reportedly sent the judge a motion for a delay in her sentencing so that she could spend Christmas with her daughter. Williams was sentenced to 4 years in prison after pleading guilty to 15 felony fraud charges. 

She is scheduled to be sentenced on December 11th, however, she is hoping that she will be able to spend Christmas with her 5-year-old. According to the court documents, her lawyers stated that Williams has yet to find appropriate living arrangements for her mother, who will be watching her daughter while she is in prison. 

They also argued that she needs a little more time to help her daughter deal with the transition. “Ms. Williams and her mother have been working to find the necessary place. They believe that she will be able to move in by the end of December. A little more time is needed to get a suitable living space for them. They have been working on it. They will not need more than a 30-day extension to get all of these issues finalized.”

A new surrender date of January 11th has been submitted in the filing. After being sentenced, Williams’ lawyer filed an appeal arguing that their client wasn’t being “treated as a first-time offender due to her celebrity status.”

They are currently looking to have the verdict overturned in a higher court.