Bronny James To Become The First In His Family To Attend College

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Bronny James, the firstborn child of NBA legend LeBron James, will be getting ready to head to college in the fall. 

He recently announced on his Instagram page that he will attend the University of Southern California (USC), where he will continue playing basketball. Not only will he attend one of the country’s top schools, but Bronny will also be the first in his family to attend college. 

During the post-game press conference, LeBron spoke about what his son’s announcement means to him. “First of all, congratulations to my son on his next journey and picking a great university, USC. I’m proud of him. This is an incredible thing” he said. 

LeBron continued, “Unless it was one of my great-grandmothers or great-grandfathers who was way before my time, to my knowledge, this is the first one out of the James gang to go to college. Obviously, his dad didn’t go to school, his mom didn’t go to college. I think my mom stepped on campus a little bit… but she had my little a** running around so she couldn’t do that. Nineteen years old, she couldn’t do that. I was three. So it’s very, very, very, very exciting, very humbling, and a great moment for our family.” 

LeBron also stated that the school has acquired a great young man to represent their basketball program. “They’re going to be super surprised at how great of a kid he is, even though they’ve been recruiting him for a while.” 

Congratulations to Bronny James!