Bronx Zoo RESPONDS to Woman Climbing Into Lion Exhibit!

photo credit: VCG /Getty Images

Did you see this?

Recently, a video of a woman climbing inside of the lion exhibit has been spiraling all through social media. The unknown woman can be seen on video waving and dancing a few feet away from the lion, as if she’s trying to get its attention. On lookers can even be heard questioning her actions in the background of the video. 

It’s unclear as to what the woman’s intentions was but we all know nerve racking and deadly this can be. Social media users are also questioning the whereabouts of the employees and are questioning the safety of the zoo considering she easily gained access despite the barriers. 

The Bronx Zoo recently released a statement in regards to the incident. They described it “as a serious violation and unlawful trespass that could have resulted in a serious injury or death.” 

This situation could’ve went from zero to a hundred very quickly. Luckily neither the lion nor the woman was injured in the incident.