Brooklyn Bishop Robbed During Church Service On LiveStream

Bishop Whitehead and his wife were robbed at gunpoint during his church service on a live stream. 

According to reports, the armed suspects got away with $400k worth of jewelry. The robbery occurred at the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries church in Canarsie. 

Bishop Whitehead later spoke on the incident in a video on his Instagram. “When I seen them come into the sanctuary with their guns, I told everyone to get down,” he said. 

“I didn’t know if they wanted to shoot the church up or if they were just coming for a robbery,” the Bishop added. 

The Bishop also stated that he tried to chase the suspects after they left and revealed that this incident had traumatized many people in his congregation. 

“The women and children that was in my church, my daughter, she’s traumatized right now. She’s not even talking,” Whitehead said. 

Police say that the suspect was seen fleeing on foot before jumping into a white Mercedes Benz. They were last seen riding down Avenue D. 

There were no physical injuries reported to the police in connection to the robbery.